Don't have cash why not BARTER



So you think you can’t afford to train your dog. Scheurman’s K9 Academy has instituted a trial barter, trade, swap program. You can now barter your way to a trained dog. You will be able to turn unwanted items to you in to a wanted trained dog.

We are offering this opportunity for all our programs, group classes, private lessons, and board and trains.

We will barter for:

Guns (rifles, shotguns, handguns, pistols and revolvers,) and related items to include reloading gear, magazines, holsters.

Weapons: Knives, Swords

Cars in running condition

Trucks in running condition

Buses in running condition

SUV’s in running condition

Cameras and video equipment;

How it works:

Call me with what you want to trade, or barter. I will setup an appointment to appraise the item (s), I will place a value on the object, and you will have the opportunity to except or reject my appraisal. Your barter or trade may qualify for all or part of the class fees. If the value of the trade is less then the class fee, then you will be responsible for the remainder in cash.

You may use the barter value towards group classes, private lessons, and or board and trains.

We will not barter for:

Drugs of any kind.

Food stamps.

Collector stamps.

Postage stamps of any kink.

Coin collections (coins will only be given their face value).

Foreign currency of any kind.

Children Toys.