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Group Classes

Group classes have been a mainstay of our training program ever since we opened back in 1988. Intermediate group classes started at 6 PM Wednesday nights and Saturdays at 9 AM. About 10 years ago we changed it to 7 PM Wednesday and we added a 10 AM intermediate on Saturdays as well. In the pass we have also had a Thursday night intermediate class as well.

Basic obedience revolves around our intermediate program. We have run basic obedience group classes on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturday nights. Our normal basic obedience class days are Saturdays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays we can run two basic obedience classes one at 7 PM and the other at 8 PM. Wednesday nights is always at 8 PM after the 7 PM intermediate class. Saturday basic obedience classes are scheduled at 11 AM, 12:30 PM, and 2 PM.

We have three instructors available on Saturdays, and two on the week nights.

Group classes are the most affordable of all dog training programs. Our basic obedience course runs for 6 weeks, the first class is an hour and a half, with the remaining five, one hour each. The full cost of the basic obedience class is $149.00 for the full six and a half hours.

When comparing Scheurman's K9 Academy to the others, not only do you need to compare the cost, but what the program teaches, and the length of the classes. One major exception at Scheurman's K9 Academy we never cancel a class start if we have one student signed up. We don't have a waiting list, where we make a person wait to train his or her dog, until we get a magic number to start a class.

We offer between three and four Basic Obedience group class starts per-month, and of course we offer twelve (12) Intermediate classes each month, where a successful graduate of our basic obedience course can join.

We offer group classes because we hold group classes.

For information on group classes for:

Basic Obedience

Intermediate Obedience

Everything we teach to civilians is available as group classes.