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Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dog training is the most complex training we offer. It involves both the dog and the handler. the dog must lean not only obedience, and but tracking as well. The handler must learn human first aid, canine first aid, map reading, lost person behavior, how to read their dog, Depending on the type of search and rescue urban or wilderness, several other skills will need to be mastered. Wilderness will require snake proofing in certain areas, repelling, compass reading, GPS, survival skills, preserving evidence, are just a short list of the skills necessary.

Search and rescue requires a handler and dog that are physically able to handle the demanding physical stamina to do the work. The ability to walk for miles in all types of terrains, the ability to carry their dog out of a search area should it become injured. There are obviously extra cost in doing SAR, harnesses, repelling gear, camping gear, hiking gear, doggie goggles, vests, hard hats, doggie boots, to mention a few.

The dog training will need to include Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, and Tracking. You can find the prices for each of these programs on this website.

We offer many of the human courses necessary to fulfill the requirements of a SAR handler, such as canine first aid and CPR, map and compass, lost person behavior, survival skills, preserving evidence, among others.