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Canine First Aid

Your dog is always there for you . Will you be there for him or her ? This course is designed by veterinarians, and K-9 Trainers for dog Owners . This course will teach you the necessary skills, to save your pets life in as little as four hours . When an emergency strikes,.. seconds count . Knowing what to do, being prepared, and having the skills necessary to accurately assess, and control the situation, may be the only chance your pet or K-9 has to survive. This course will give you the confidence , YOU will need to save your best friends life when HE or SHE needs you the MOST !

What will you learn ?

CPR : Rescue Breathing / Obstructed Airway / Bleeding / Bloat

Shock: Heat Emergencies / Cold Emergencies / Stroke / Auto Accidents

Injuries to the : Head Eye / Neck / Jaw / Mouth

Poisoning : Ingested / Inhaled / Contact/ Venomous Insects Snakes / Marine Life

Burns: First Degree / Second Degree / Third Degree / Chemical Electrical

Splints and Dressings, Loss of Consciousness, Convulsions and Epilepsy.

For more information feel free to Email, write, or call

(904) 289-9282

Law Enforcement Personnel, in addition we will cover aspects you might encounter in the field .

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