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Canine First Aid

Your dog is always there for you . Will you be there for him or her? This course is designed by veterinarians, and K-9 Trainers for dog Owners. This course will teach you the necessary skills, to save your pets life in as little as four hours . When an emergency strikes,.. seconds count. Knowing what to do, being prepared, and having the skills necessary to accurately assess, and control the situation, may be the only chance your pet or K-9 has to survive. This course will give you the confidence , YOU will need to save your best friends life when HE or SHE needs you the MOST!

What will you learn ?

CPR : Rescue Breathing / Obstructed Airway / Bleeding / Bloat

Shock: Heat Emergencies / Cold Emergencies / Stroke / Auto Accidents

Injuries to the : Head Eye / Neck / Jaw / Mouth

Poisoning : Ingested / Inhaled / Contact/ Venomous Insects Snakes / Marine Life

Burns: First Degree / Second Degree / Third Degree / Chemical Electrical

Splints and Dressings, Loss of Consciousness, Convulsions and Epilepsy.

For more information feel free to Email, write, or call

(904) 289-9282

Law Enforcement Personnel, in addition we will cover aspects you might encounter in the field .

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Basic Obedience

Scheurmanís K9 Academy offers dog training for ALL BREEDS and ALL AGES in Group classes, Private lessons format and or Board and Trains, for Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Competition Obedience for both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club in Novice, Open, Utility and Rally. We also offer training in Personal Protection, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Search and Rescue, Cadaver Recovery, Schutzhund, KNPV, NVBK, French Ring. We further offer Canine First Aid and CPR classes, using our canine manikin, Scruffy.

Scheurmanís K9 Academy offers training programs to security, and law enforcement to include Narcotics Interdiction Dogs, Building Search Dogs, Perpetrator Apprehension Dogs, Officer Protection Dogs, Explosive Detection Dogs (Bomb), Accelerant Detection Dogs (arson), Riot Control Dogs, Prisoner Escort dogs, Cell Phone Detection Dogs, and Patrol Dogs.