Don't have cash why not BARTER

So you think you can’t afford to train your dog. Scheurman’s K9 Academy has instituted a trial barter, trade, swap program. You can now barter your way to a trained dog. You will be able to turn unwanted items to you in to a wanted trained dog.

We are offering this opportunity for all our programs, group classes, private lessons, and board and trains.

The barter system is old as mankind itself or so I'm told. In this day and age it is more important then ever to offer this system of payment, to those who could benefit from it. This is not a free program, even though no cash is exchanged. In this barter system we offer our services in dog training, for something of equal value* from you.

The value is measured by our wants and needs, and or by the value of the object at quick sale. These would be tangible Items, such as AKC registered Doberman Pincher puppies, AKC registered Belgian Malinois puppies,   guns, knives, ammo, holsters, reloading equipment and such.   

Services would include vehicle repairs, and such. These services are valued by our wants and needs, against prevailing local pricing. An example would be car repair shop charges $45.00 per hour labor, and an estimated repair would take 3 hours = $135.00, trade value would be $135.00 for the listed repair, weather it took 2 hours or 5 hours. Please consider when you place a value on your service, the current local value, and warranties and satisfaction that others offer at their establishments. A shop that charges $50.00 per hour, with a one year guarantee, would not equal someone who wants $50.00 an hour with no guarantees.

Another way to look at it is: 5 workers standing on a street corner, 4 of them want $30.00 for their services, the other one wants $100.00 for their services, all will give you the same conclusion who would not get your business.

We have tax accounts, photographers, web page assistance, lawn maintenance, already. So these services will not be considered.   

That is the good news, the adage one persons junk is another's treasure, is not always true. Sometimes junk is just that junk, but because it has little or no value to you doesn't mean it is junk to us.

The bad news is that whatever you are bartering has no sentimental value to us. An example would be a shotgun sold for $300.00 dollars, it was your dad's favorite shotgun, he took it hunting for 10 years, he died and left it to you. Now you would like to barter it for a trained dog, it has a quick sale value of $150.00, you will be offered $150.00 towards your dog's training. So please be careful when you barter something that holds value to you, especially if it holds sentimental value, often times sentimental value makes it priceless.  While a trained protection dog or a trained service dog can be priceless in a life or death situation, only you can weigh the value of an object versus what a trained dog is worth to you.   

This is our best effort to bring you a trained dog, no matter your financial situation. You don't have to let a cash flow issue stop you from having a trained obedient  dog.  Even a dog trained for service dog work to help you or a family member with disabilities, or a protection dog to defend yourself and your loved ones can be bartered for.   

Unfortunately I grew up with a saying "Cash, Ass or Grass, no body rides for free".   Save your cash, and let your ass or grass (tangible items, not drugs)  get you a trained dog.

We will barter for:

Guns (rifles, shotguns, handguns, pistols and revolvers,) and related items to include reloading gear, magazines, holsters. A background check on each firearm will be run with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. I am a CCW holder, and therefore not subject to the 3 day wait period. I will however be more then happy to have the transaction go through a Florida FFL, and the background check that they would be required to do. It will be the responsibility of the person bartering the goods to pay all the FFL fees involved, normally between $25.00 and $40.00.

Transfers from out of state residents MUST go through a Florida FFL, no exceptions.

Weapons: Knives, Swords

Cars in running condition with a clear title

Trucks in running condition with a clear title

Buses in running condition with a clear title

SUV’s in running condition with a clear title

Working cameras and video equipment

How it works:

Call or text (include photo if you want) Wally at 904-554-9368 with what you want to trade, or barter. I will setup an appointment to appraise the item (s), I will place a value on the object, and you will have the opportunity to except or reject my appraisal. Your barter or trade may qualify for all or part of the class fees. If the value of the trade is less then the class fee, then you will be responsible for the remainder in cash.

You may use the barter value towards group classes, private lessons, and or board and trains.

We will not barter for:

Drugs of any kind.

Food stamps.

Collector stamps.

Postage stamps of any kind.

Coin collections (coins will only be given their face value).

Foreign currency of any kind.

Children Toys.




Kennel Phone number 904-289-9282

Wally's Cell Phone Number 904-554-9368

Wally's Email Address