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The Protection Bite on Command Dog:

The protection bite on command dog, is a very special dog. This dog is trained to protect the handler, on command. You will need a medium to large breed dog, that is not aggressive, shy, or fearful. The dog MUST be out going and friendly.

The dog will be worked in prey drive, rather then defensive drive. Prey drive is the dogs natural drive, for chasing game, capturing it, and killing it (for survival). Defensive drive, is born from pain. Police dogs are trained in defense.

The object is for you to have the BEST companion dog available, that shows NO SIGNS of aggression, until told to do so.

The protection bite on command dog, is a highly trained dog. Requirements for training the protection bite on command dog: basic obedience, intermediate obedience, and the AKC CGC certificate.


Criminal background check with fingerprints.

Own your own home or letter from landlord.

Fenced in yard.

the physical ability to handle the dog

the mental ability to handle the dog

Insurance covering the dog (liability)

Attend and pass lethal force class

Attend and pass canine first aid class

#PP Personal protection bite on command: P1 $1050.00 for each 7 weeks (14 hours of training), additional fees may apply.

P2 $1050.00 for each 7 weeks (14 hours of training), additional fees may apply.

P3 $1050.00 for each 7 weeks (14 hours of training), additional fees may apply.

Protection Bite on Command Dog Package: Includes Group Basic Obedience Program,

Group Intermediate Obedience Program,

and one seven-week Protection Bite on Command Dog P1,

one seven-week Protection Bite on Command Dog P2,

and one seven-week Protection Bite on Command Dog P3 program. $6,900‬.00


$4,600 plus $20.00 per-class, for the membership programs.

Prerequisite: Pass the Intermediate Obedience program with a score of 180 points or better; be enrolled and active in the Intermediate Obedience Class and with permission of the instructor. Plus the dog must have earned the AKC CGC Certificate. Dog must be tattooed. Plus passed #P1 Developing Protection (prey) bitework and #P2 Developing Protection (defensive bitework) and #P3 Advanced defensive bitework.

#P1 Group Lessons Developing Protection (prey) bitework: Rag, tug, soft sleeve, hard sleeve without bite bar, Out.

Additional fees may apply.

#P2 Developing Protection (defensive bitework): Targeting work on bite suite, Arm and or leg bites, Out.

Additional fees may apply.

#P3 Advanced defensive bitework: Face Attack with Baton with and without obstacle, Face Attack with Accessories, Search and Escort, Defense of the Handler, Guarding an Object, Defense of handler, Stopped flee attack.

Additional fees may apply.

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Scheurman’s K9 Academy offers dog training for ALL BREEDS and ALL AGES in Group classes, Private lessons format and or Board and Trains, for Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Competition Obedience for both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club in Novice, Open, Utility and Rally. We also offer training in Personal Protection, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Search and Rescue, Cadaver Recovery, Schutzhund, KNPV, NVBK, French Ring. We further offer Canine First Aid and CPR classes, using our canine manikin, Scruffy.

Scheurman’s K9 Academy offers training programs to security, and law enforcement to include Narcotics Interdiction Dogs, Building Search Dogs, Perpetrator Apprehension Dogs, Officer Protection Dogs, Explosive Detection Dogs (Bomb), Accelerant Detection Dogs (arson), Riot Control Dogs, Prisoner Escort dogs, Cell Phone Detection Dogs, and Patrol Dogs.

Opening lines of communication between dog and man

Effective date 1/2020

Subject to change without notice